Custom Cabinet Photography

Custom Cabinet Photography

Every time I photograph a carefully staged home I am, to some degree or another, photographing somebody’s interior design. However, I haven’t actually done much straight up interior design photography. My main focus is usually to show potential buyers how all of the rooms flow together, how the spaces relate to each other. In this case I was photographing a kitchen and bathroom for a cabinet designer. Since the kitchen/living/dining area was open plan there were a lot of angles to choose from. The only difference between photographing this kitchen and a kitchen for a traditional real estate listing was that I was trying to make sure certain design elements were visible in each shot. Usually I’m trying to make sure doorways to other rooms are clearly visible.

I really enjoyed photographing this kitchen and bathroom, partially because of the beautiful design and partially because I felt very focused while creating the images. I will be adding a couple of these images to my portfolio!

Custom Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets

This shot shows a clear view of the range hood over the stove. I like the industrial touch of the copper, drop-down canister lights.

Custom White Kitchen Cabinets

A close up of the cabinets around the stove and range hood.

Custom Cabinet Photography

This shot shows how the farmhouse sink fits into the island.

Custom White Kitchen Cabinets

Built-in wine storage.

Gray Bathroom Cabinets

Gray Bathroom Cabinets

Master bathroom vanity cabinets.

Close-up showing the featured base cabinets and all of the built-in wine storage.

Catching Up!

March 7, 2017 Real Estate 0 Comments

Somehow it’s already early March, although if you look at just about any garden in the area you would think it’s early April! What happened to January and February?  They used to be the slow months when it felt like time slowed down just a little after the holidays.  Maybe the warm weather this year made time feel like it was passing more quickly…which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the year!  Anyway, it’s time (it’s past time) to catch up on what I didn’t post last fall.  First up is a small apartment in Buckhead, just north of Atlanta, that is now listed on Airbnb.

The view into the bathroom…

I couldn’t decide if I wanted the shower curtain in the shot or not so I photographed it both ways. I included them here in a slider for the sake of testing out if this slider works in blog posts. It looks like it does!

A very neat, tidy and updated bathroom.

A closer view of the counter top to let potential guests see how nice the amenities are!

The living area, which I think is actually supposed to be the bedroom, but the owner flipped the two areas. The bedroom is now on the other side of the wall on the right.

The nice and up-to-date kitchen. Not big, but efficient and has everything you need, especially for business travel.

A detail shot of the coffee and tea supplies.

Inside the cabinet above the coffee maker. I haven’t been asked to take many detail shots but I really like doing them. This shot would have been even better if the inside panel on the right had also been white (or even if the one on the left had been dark like the one on the right).

The bright and airy bedroom (with a TV mounted in the wall just out of the frame to the left).

Detail shot of the dining table at the foot of the bed. I enjoyed composing this shot.

Colonial-Inspired Home in Roswell, GA

April 13, 2016 HDR, Real Estate 0 Comments

(Roswell Real Estate Photographer) – I was lucky enough to photograph this unique property in Roswell, GA about three weeks ago. The house was under contract within a couple days of listing but I still wanted to share some of the photos here.  The house had such a historic feel to it that I had to ask when it was built.  I was surprised to find out that it was built in 1985 – so barely 30 years old!  Including the separate guest house there were 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, a detached three-car garage with unfinished, potential living space above it and a small courtyard nestled between the main house, the garage and the guest house…all on 3.3 acres. The house listed for $899,900. Below are 20 of the 50+ photos that were used in the listing.

Lackey Front Exterior I

Lackey Front Exterior II

Detached garage on the left.

Lackey from the Road

Shot from the very end of the driveway, almost on the road.

Lackey Courtyard I

View of the courtyard looking towards the garage and the guesthouse.

Lackey Courtyard II

Another courtyard view.

Lackey Yard Panorama

The real estate agent that I photographed the house for asked for a shot of the backyard that showed the property beyond the fence. I got up on my trusty ladder, took a panoramic shot and then removed my shadow from the final image.

Lackey Back Patio

Lackey Formal Living

Formal living and dining rooms.

Lackey Kitchen I

Lackey Kitchen II

Lackey Kitchen III

Lackey Family Room I

Family room with narrow second stair case.

Lackey Family Room II

Family room looking towards the back of the house and the kitchen.

Lackey Master Bedroom

Master bedroom.

Lackey Dressing Area

Dressing area between the master bedroom and the master bathroom.

Lackey Bedroom II

One of the upstairs bedrooms.

Lackey Bedroom I

Another one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Lackey Guesthouse Window

Part of the main living area in the guesthouse.

Lackey Guesthouse Kitchen

The guesthouse kitchen.

Lackey Twilight

The main house at twilight (it ended up being cloudy on the evening of the scheduled twilight shoot so there wasn’t quite as much color in the sky as usual).

Updated Brookhaven Home

March 15, 2016 HDR, Real Estate 0 Comments

Photographing this house in Brookhaven, GA just over a week ago was a lot of fun. The house was cleanly and simply staged and ready to go when I arrived. The kitchen had been completely updated and was great to photograph – so many good angles to choose from! There were touches of mid-century modern throughout the house, which was a nice change from the mostly traditional interiors that I usually photograph (no offense to more traditional homes, but there are a lot of them).  Below are some of my favorite photos from this property:

(click on the photo below to see a larger version and then arrow through the rest)


Byrnwyck Piano Room


Byrnwyck Kitchen III

Byrnwyck Kitchen II

Byrnwyck Kitchen I

Byrnwyck Living

Byrnwyck Master Bedroom

Byrnwyck Front Exterior

Byrnwyck Patio

Byrnwyck Path

Five Acre Property on the Ocmulgee River

January 28, 2016 HDR, Real Estate 0 Comments

I photographed a unique property in Macon, GA a couple of weeks ago. The house itself is large and quite traditional; parts of it almost look like they were designed to mimic a museum. But what makes the property unique is its five acres and location on the Ocmulgee River (have you seen “Fried Green Tomatoes”? The river featured in the movie is the Ocmulgee). Below are some interior and exterior shots of the house and some shots of the acreage and river views. The listing can be seen here on Zillow.

River Trace Distant Approach

The view from the end of the driveway.

River Trace Front Exterior

More than half way down the driveway.

River Trace Formal Dining

Main, formal living and dining areas.


The den or sitting room with a view out to the river and back into the main living and dining area.

River Trace Master Bedroom

The master bedroom with great light coming in from the southeast.

Guest Bedroom

One of the guest bedrooms with a view out to the river.

Guest Bathroom

One of the guest bathrooms.

Back Towards the Road

The view back towards the road.

Towards the Barn

The view towards the two-stable barn and pasture area.

River View

Side yard and Ocmulgee River.

River View from Patio

River view from the patio.

River View from Patio II

Another river view from the patio.