What I Do & How I Ended Up Here

I'm a north metro-Atlanta based photographer specializing in real estate and architectural photography. I photograph the interiors and exteriors of homes for MLS listings, apartment complexes, academic buildings, medical complexes and all sorts of commercial buildings. In addition to buildings I'm also interested in product, editorial, stock, landscape and macro photography.

I started out in college as an enthusiastic Earth & Atmospheric Science major with the intention of chasing tornadoes and doing a lot of field work. When I started to worry that I might end up stuck behind a desk (tornado-chasing season is pretty short) I began to rethink my major.  I had always had a bit of a creative side and eventually found my way to Industrial Design.

I loved all of the hands-on, project-based work in ID. Long nights in studio surviving off of vending machine food suited me. I loved the exposure to a variety of new creative outlets including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, 3D modeling, drafting and model-making. I missed the science, though, and never lost my interest in earth science and the weather. Now I read about it, watch it and try to photograph it. I'm happiest with my camera in my hands but enjoy most work that allows me to create, think and problem-solve.

After graduating I spent several years working in the product design, architecture and manufacturing industries but never found my work to be very satisfying or engaging. I had always wanted to work independently and photography had been a long-standing interest and a growing skill. I have been photographing properties in the Atlanta area and throughout the southeast (as well as Texas and New York) since 2013.


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