The company that I do real estate photography for spot-lighted me in a newsletter last fall.  They included about 15 of my photos in the gallery that they posted but I have not included them here, this is just the text:RP Shout Out I


I work as a real estate and community assignment photographer (that’s a mouthful!) for a company in California.  They use a private blog to keep all of their photographers up-to-date about assignments and submission requirements and anything else that we might need to know about.  They’ve used my images a few times as good examples of the kinds of shots that they’re looking for.RP Exterior Example


In late January 2011 I used my bonus from work to buy my first year-long membership to NAPP (the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, now known as KelbyOne), put the rest of the money in the bank and left my job a few weeks later.  About a year after that I got my first job working as a photographer and I’ve been pursuing Photography and Photoshop work ever since. Every week the people at NAPP choose an Image of the Week and four “Editor’s Choice” images from the pool of images that people uploaded to their members-only-website portfolios that week. I was really surprised one day to find that one of my photographs had been chosen for an Editor’s Choice!

NAPP Editor's Choice

You can see this shot of my viola (that I took out on my driveway with the help of a white sheet, an ironing board, a lawn mower, two pairs of shoes, a diffuser and a home-made light box) here.