Assignment Shooting and More to Come!

October 22, 2013 Assignments 0 Comments

I work as an assignment photographer for a company in California. I’m primarily a real estate photographer for them, but over the past few months they have also asked me to travel around the metro Atlanta area and photograph popular locations throughout the suburbs. Assignment photography isn’t always easy – you often have to try to make something look good or interesting that isn’t very appealing at first glance. It’s been a good experience for me! I’ve also had a chance to visit a lot of parts of the suburbs that I hadn’t been to before. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the past few weeks:

(the image above is the Decatur Courthouse photographed from the gazebo steps)

Duluth Buildings

Near the Duluth Town Green.

Duluth Fountain

Another shot at the Duluth Town Green. My polarizing filter really helped with the blue sky and puffy clouds that day!

Duluth City Hall

The Duluth City Hall.  Shooting into the sun isn’t always easy.  Lightroom helped with the sky.

Good Food Fine Drinks

Good Food, Mighty Fine Drinks, too! (in Decatur)

Market Village in Smyrna

Market Village (shopping, dining and apartments) in Smyrna.