Beautiful Home Near Chastain Park

June 2, 2015 HDR, Real Estate 0 Comments

Things got a little busy and mid May turned into early June.  But here are the photos of the lovely home near Chastain Park that I was fortunate enough to photograph just over a month ago.  There were multiple offers on the house the day it was listed and it is now under contract.  Such a large house with so many open spaces made it hard to choose which angles to photograph; every time I turned around there was another good shot to be had.  Each photo, like all of my other real estate photographs, is a combination of 3-6 different exposures that are merged together and then manually edited (I don’t use any auto-toning or presets since every shot is so different from the next; nothing against presets, though, they can be very handy in the right situations).

East Conway Living I

East Conway Living II

East Conway Kitchen I

East Conway Kitchen II

East Conway Bar

East Conway Office

East Conway Formal Living

East Conway Entry


East Conway Stairs

East Conway Sitting Area

East Conway Bedroom III

East Conway Basement I

East Conway Exterior Entry

East Conway Twilight Front

East Conway Twilight Back