Painted Lady Butterfly

2017 Fauna Roundup!

October 30, 2018 Animals, Nature 0 Comments

Well, I really did mean to get this posted much earlier in the year! The last few months have been busy, though, and my website usually gets neglected when that happens. But finally, here is part II, the follow-up to my 2017 Flora Roundup post…

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Website Upgrade Taking Place

January 30, 2015 Animals 0 Comments

I’m in the process of upgrading my site so the formatting is going to be a bit messy until I get things straightened out.  I’m making good progress and should have all of the ducks in a row soon! While I get things back in order please enjoy this picture of Lucy showing off her choppers while lounging on the log pile last fall =)


The Not-So-Wild Wildlife from My Recent Travels

December 16, 2013 Animals, Nature, Travel 0 Comments

Deep down inside me there is a frustrated wildlife photographer.  Every time I travel I end up annoying the pigeons, seagulls, cows, horses, sheep… At other times I have pursued unsuspecting turtles, fish, caterpillars, spiders, lizards, rabbits, deer, elk, grasshoppers, spiders…and reindeer! Sometimes I could swear I see them rolling their eyes at me. Someday I’ll make it out west with a good zoom lens so I can capture moose, bears, maybe wolves, whales, marmots, prairie dogs…

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Cute as a Button!

May 8, 2013 Animals, Nature 0 Comments

I found this little guy wandering around in my parents’ garden the other day. He was about the size of a guinea pig. I’m not sure what he was doing out during the day without his mom. You mostly see opossums at dusk or later. He was bit surprised by my presence and then quickly didn’t seem too happy about the camera that was pointed at him. Hopefully he managed to arrive at his destination unharmed.