New York in Black & White

I took a semester of photography as an elective when I was in college, long before I began to consider trying to make money as a photographer. The class was taught using film SLRs with black & white film. I quickly learned that I loved shooting in black & white and that even more than shooting, I loved the traditional dark room. It was right around the time that digital cameras were breaking on to the scene. Nobody knew back then just how much digital would take over and become the new normal. So at the time I found myself wanting two cameras – one that I could always have loaded with color film and one that I could dedicate to black & white film.  I wanted to eventually have my own dark room, too. I loved the idea of converting a bathroom into a dark room.

Four years later I bought my first digital point-and-shoot (and Photoshop) and then eventually upgraded to Nikon DLSRs and lenses. How quickly things changed. Now I always shoot in color but love the process of creating black & white images from my original shots. These are just a few images from my brief New York trip that I think lend themselves nicely to black and white…

Brooklyn Bridge Love Locks

Love locks on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges over the East River.

Looking north towards the Empire State Building from One World Trade.

Looking north towards the Empire State Building from One World Trade.

One World Windows

The One World Trade observatory. I think this is the 102nd floor (shot with my S6).

Old & New

Old and new in lower Manhattan.

Rooftop Water Tank

Rooftop water tank in lower Manhattan (keep scrolling).

Statue of Liberty & Sailboat

A sail boat near Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty (cargo container cranes in New Jersey in the background).

Verrazano Narrows Black & White

Looking south towards the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge from the ferry.

Brooklyn Traffic

Late afternoon traffic in Brooklyn, from the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade.

Rannoch Moor :: Glencoe, Scotland

While in Scotland in September I visited Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. I had been there once before but it was during my earlier photography days and all I had was my old Canon Snappy point-and-shoot film camera. I had my new, beloved Nikon with me this time, and a tripod, and a polarizing filter…and a bit more skill and experience =) It was nice to get out for a day and just think about photography.

We stopped first in Rannoch Moor, the entrance to Glencoe. Rannoch Moor is beautiful and wild and will give you a serious case of wanderlust. You can walk for miles and miles and miles out into the open and over the hills. Parts of the landscape can be seen in the movies “Rob Roy” and “Trainspotting.”

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San Francisco

August 31, 2013 Black & White, Travel 0 Comments

I flew out to California in early August to go to a friend’s wedding and while I was out there I got a chance to see a bit of San Francisco.  I’ve been out there a couple of other times in the past several years so it wasn’t all new to me, but I did get to take the ferry from San Francisco to Vallejo (about a one-hour ride) and I dragged myself and my suitcase up to see Coit Tower.  The view on the way up was pretty nice so it was worth it, even if it was a bit of a workout with my suitcase in tow!

(the image above is the western span of the Oakland-Bay Bridge)

Bay Bridge Close Up

A closer view.

San Francisco Ferry Building Black & White

The back of the ferry building while waiting to board the ferry to Vallejo.

Seagull Behind the Ferry Building

Suspicious seagull.

Port of San Francisco B&W

Leaving the Port of San Francisco on a ferry.

San Francisco Skyline from the Ferry

The skyline, including the Transamerica Pyramid and Coit Tower, taken from the ferry.

Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge Panorama

Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands.

Passing Under the Richmond SanRafael Bridge

Passing under the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in the ferry on the way to Vallejo.

Hang Glider

A hang glider seen from the ferry.

Pier 39 Marina Black & White

The Oakland-Bay Bridge through the clutter.

Pier 39 Carousel

Lining things up.

Pier 39 Panorama

Pier 39 panorama. The Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands are visible in the distance.

San Francisco Bay Overlook II

The view of San Francisco Bay from Telegraph Hill Blvd.

San Francisco Bay Overlook I

Another view of San Francisco Bay from Telegraph Hill Blvd. The America’s Cup was getting ready to take place – you can see the grandstands set up.

Coit Tower Black & White

A view of Coit Tower from a residential neighborhood nearby.

Fine Art Assignment

September 18, 2012 Black & White, Music 1 Comment

I’ve been taking a photography class online and our assignment last week was about fine art photography. Fine art photography means something different to everybody and these shots of my viola (which I started playing 24 years ago this month!) might classify more as decorative art. One way or another they were fun to take and convert to black and white. The more photography and photoshop work that I do the more I realize how much I still have to learn! For the most part that is really exciting…I just wish I could learn at warp speed.

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