King Queen HDR

A Little More HDR

April 28, 2013 HDR, Sky 0 Comments

**Update #3: All up to date!  As of January 2020 this (above) is how I’ve been processing my images for quite a while now.  Unless I’m trying to do something creative I usually try to make my HDR images look as realistic as possible.  The original image is now posted at the very bottom.  You can see how far I’ve come!

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Coke Museum HDR

Experimenting With HDR

March 11, 2013 HDR, Sky 0 Comments

**Update: I can’t leave a bad HDR image as the featured image for this post.  I just can’t do it!  The photo above has been updated to how I now process my images (almost exclusively with Lightroom Classic).  The photo below is the original photo that I posted.

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