Moss on a Tree

2017 Flora Roundup!

I love getting outside to poke around and see what’s there, what piques my interest. I’m always hoping for interesting mushrooms, seed pods, spiders or insects. I didn’t shoot outdoors quite as much last year as in previous years; I’ll try to do better this year. Hopefully it will be a mild summer!

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Graduation Season is (Finally) Over!

It’s been a little while since I posted anything.  Graduation season has kept me busy but is mostly over now.  I get to put the black pant suit away for little while!  This May I drove almost 710 miles, spent 14 hours in the car, photographed 11 graduation ceremonies and almost 4,900 new graduates!

I’m looking forward to getting back to the slower pace of real estate photography over the next few weeks.  I have an apartment complex to photograph this week and several commercial properties to shoot at the end of May and beginning of June.  Mixed in there will be a lot of Lightroom organization time and and some studying for the Adobe Certified Expert Exam.  I can’t wait!

(the photo above was taken at a nature preserve in Morrow, GA in early May)

St. Abbs and Cove :: East Coast of Scotland

January 30, 2014 Landscape, Scotland, Travel 0 Comments

I didn’t mean for more than a month to pass between posts! January seems to have gone by so quickly. I don’t want the year to start flying past me, but I am looking forward to spring. It was 9°F here this morning just north of “It’s-Going-to-Snow-Two-or-Three-Inches-But-Let’s-Not-Close-the-Schools-Because-We’re-Awesome-at-Driving-in-the-Snow” Atlanta.

It has taken me longer than expected to go through all of my photographs from my trip to Scotland last September. I took somewhere around 1,500 pictures, so that could be the reason =) My one request during our trip was to make it out to the coast. It think it’s in my blood to want to be near crashing waves, gloomy skies and seagulls. I just love it.

The day that we drove out to the east coast ended up being pretty drizzly and overcast. Luckily, by the time we reached St. Abbs and Cove the rain had stopped. The remaining overcast skies really suit photographs of the coast so I didn’t mind too much about that. Colors really pop out on overcast days and the clouds set a mood and tone that I love to capture in my images.

(Above: Cove, Scotland – If you enjoy beach combing for glass, stones and other bits and pieces this is a good place to visit)

Cove Coast

St. Abbs I

St.Abbs, Scotland (I darkened the sky a bit in this one).

St. Abbs II

St. Abbs, Scotland

St. Abbs Rocks

St. Abbs, Scotland

Rannoch Moor :: Glencoe, Scotland

While in Scotland in September I visited Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. I had been there once before but it was during my earlier photography days and all I had was my old Canon Snappy point-and-shoot film camera. I had my new, beloved Nikon with me this time, and a tripod, and a polarizing filter…and a bit more skill and experience =) It was nice to get out for a day and just think about photography.

We stopped first in Rannoch Moor, the entrance to Glencoe. Rannoch Moor is beautiful and wild and will give you a serious case of wanderlust. You can walk for miles and miles and miles out into the open and over the hills. Parts of the landscape can be seen in the movies “Rob Roy” and “Trainspotting.”

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