Dogwoods in the Spring

Dogwoods In Full Bloom

March 28, 2012 Botanical, Nature 0 Comments

The warm winter and spring in Atlanta this year has produced Dogwoods that are just bursting with flowers (maybe the Dogwoods were going to have a good year regardless of the excessive warmth – I’m not sure). Seeing the Dogwoods, Pink Dogwoods, Cherry Trees, Redbuds and Bradford Pears fill out every year never gets old. It’s a shame that the flowers only last for so long, but at the same time that’s what makes this time of year so invigorating.


Arugula Leaves on a Window Sill

Tasty Arugula, Good Sandwich

My tiny arugula seedlings from a month ago have grown like weeds and last night I finally got to eat them! While visiting a friend out in California a few years ago I had one of the best egg salad sandwiches I’ve ever had. It had arugula in it and I have thought about that sandwich many times in the last two-and-a-half years. So last night that’s what I did with some of my arugula. I have to say – it was a pretty good sandwich! It’s amazing how much flavor there is in just one leaf. And it’s really obvious as soon as you bite into it that arugula is actually a member of the mustard family. I think this is something that I’ll keep growing throughout the summer!


Purple Crocus Selective Color

Crocuses, Seven Weeks Later

My crocuses started to flower at the end of February (I planted them a little late). The first seven were yellow. Then two white ones, and then six or seven purple ones. So far none have been munched on by bunnies. My chrysanthemums, however, were visited by a deer in the middle of the night who slobbered all over one of them. The leaves developed brown spots and then turned yellow. I had to cut the whole plant back to nothing – hopefully it will regrow (sans midnight deer visits) and do its thing in the fall likes it’s supposed to!


Growing Lillies

First Attempt at Growing Asiatic Lillies

I’m growing some Asiatic Lillies for the first time and so far I’m really excited about what I’m seeing. I’ve read that they’re pretty easy to grow and pretty hard to mess up, so hopefully I’ll have bunches of flowers by the end of May. They’re so much fun to photograph. In the two and a half weeks since the eyes first popped through (they’re growing really quickly) I’ve taken about 130 pictures of them. And that’s just the Asiatic Lillies.  That’s why my hard drive fills up so quickly. Must learn to delete.


Arugula Seedlings Growing in February

I Can’t Stop Planting Things

February 29, 2012 Botanical, Gardening, Nature 0 Comments

There’s something a little bit addictive about planting things and watching them grow. I’ve had a lot of fun over the past year planting baby trees, some different seeds and bulbs of all sorts. I started the above arugula seedlings just over a week ago. They should be ready to eat in a few weeks. I think they’re growing just a bit too quickly…hopefully they won’t be too bitter. I guess it’s salad-eating time again! My pants will thank me.


Crocus Eyes Have Emerged

The Crocuses Are Awake!

February 1, 2012 Botanical, Gardening, Nature 0 Comments

I planted a bunch of crocus bulbs and some tulip bulbs at the end of December and the crocuses have already popped through! With the exception of a few days here and there this has been a really mild January for the Atlanta area. Not that our winters are usually that bad, but this year has definitely been abnormal. I have a feeling that we’re going to pay for this unseasonal warmth with some crazy cold March that will kill all the buds on the trees. This is the first time that I have planted bulbs in the ground (I planted some in a pot last spring that didn’t quite do what they were supposed to)…I’ll probably find out this spring just how many bunnies I have in my yard. I hear they like crocuses.