I Guess I’m Done Growing Peppers for the Year

I’ve been growing green peppers since early in the summer but I think nature has decided for me that I’m done for the year. Over the past several months my pepper plant (while living in a large container on my driveway) has been visited by my friendly back yard deer a few times and had quite a few of its leaves nipped off. A few days ago I was getting into the car when I noticed that my pepper plant was…a bit sparse-looking. I immediately assumed that my deer had visited, but when I looked more closely I noticed that the leaves didn’t appear to have been nipped off. And then I saw the green guy above (pretty tight crop).

He’s a Tobacco Hornworm Caterpillar and he has eaten the majority of the leaves that were left on my pepper plant.  I rescued my last couple of peppers and decided to leave him there, though.  The growing season for peppers is almost over and the plant is already in rough shape from the deer visits, so I just decided to let him have it. He’ll eventually turn into a moth and fly away (probably right into my house some evening, as moths like to do).