In the Garden Spring 2016

I go out into the garden with my camera whenever I can, usually on cloudy days or during the warm light of late afternoon and early evening, looking for anything and everything.  Leaves, flowers, blades of grass, bugs, spider webs, frogs…anything that captures my attention. Cloudy days are great because the light is soft and there aren’t any harsh shadows and the light from the low sun late in the afternoon/early evening makes everything glow. I love being outside at that time of day…you can feel night coming on and the world winding down.

Below are larger versions of the images in the collage above:

White Flower with Six Petals

I’m not sure what this little white flower is. It spreads easily, though, and is dotted all over the yard.

Catesby's Trillium

This is a Catesby’s Trillium. The flowers are usually pink or white and it is native to the southeastern United States. It can flower from late March through to June.

Young Lily of the Valley

A young Lily-of-the-Valley before the flowers opened. All parts of this plant are poisonous! To read more click here (link will take you away from this page).

Mature Hosta Emerging

A large, mature hosta emerging in April. This particular hosta is close to 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide when it is fully opened out!

Cinnamon Fern

A Cinnamon Fern lit by the setting sun.

Chive Flower

My chives are much more robust this year than they were last year and finally produced lovely little lavender flowers.

Blueberry Flowers

Blueberry flowers poking up above the “cage” that they live in. These flowers have already fallen off and blueberries are growing in their place. These ones will most likely be eaten by birds since they’re not protected by the netting that protects the rest of the blueberries.

Pink Fuschia Bud

The bud of a Fuschia flower.