Jasper County Courthouse :: Monticello, GA

May 10, 2012 History 0 Comments

I got the chance to drive through Monticello, GA (in Jasper County) about a week ago on my way to Milledgeville.  I was in a hurry so I didn’t have time to do more than jump out of the car, take a few pictures of the courthouse, jump back in the car and be on my way.

A little history about the area: Jasper County is in central Georgia, southeast of Atlanta, and documents exist that record events in the area as far back as 1632. Traders recorded their first trade with the Creek Indians as taking place at the Seven Islands Crossing on the Ocmulgee River.  The fist settler in the area is thought to have been a deer hunter named Newby.

In 1790,  as the result of a treaty that George Washington signed with the Native American tribes that lived east of the Mississippi River, a stagecoach and mail route were established running across Georgia from Greensboro to Columbus.  Two of the coach stations were located in Jasper County. In the early 1800s Jasper County (called Randolph County at first) was created after splitting away from Baldwin County.  Monticello was developed and named in honor of Thomas Jefferson’s home in Virginia.  In 1812 Randolph County became Jasper County, named after a Revolutionary War hero.

Jasper County’s population peaked in 1910 with about 16,552 people.  Most of the growth was due to the county’s ability to produce as many as 35,000 bales of cotton a year. Eventually the Boll Weevil put a dent in cotton production and cotton began to lose its dominance in Georgia’s economy.  The current population of Jasper County is between 13,000-14,000 people.

(The county courthouse was a log cabin until 1838 when it was replaced by a brick building.  That building was replaced by the current courthouse, pictured above, in 1907.)

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