Merry Christmas 2013

December 24, 2013 Assignments, Holidays 0 Comments

Another Christmas is already here.  They really do seem to come around faster and faster every year.  I wish I could figure out a way to make things slow down.

I’ve had a few assignments in the past week to photograph some of the Christmassy-ness around where I live. I got a chance to get out and do a little bit of Blue Hour Christmas light photography. The Blue Hour was more like the Blue 25 Minutes. The first 15 minutes after sunset was still just a little bit too bright. The next 25 minutes or so were great, but I had to work quickly. After that I could still see a little bit of a blue glow to the sky, but it was too dark for me to get the shots that I wanted.

(Above: Incandescent bulbs produce such a lovely, warm glow, especially in contrast to the blue sky. I photographed one other Christmas tree that was covered in cool, white LEDs and they just don’t have the same visual impact.)

Roswell Town Square Christmas Tree II

Three rows of lights on the tree to the right weren’t working. There were also some bulbs out on the Christmas tree. A little bit of Photoshop took care of that =)

Roswell Christmas Wreath

This is one of the few daylight shots that I got that I like. It’s cropped from a larger image because I didn’t have quite enough zoom to get the shot that I wanted.

Marietta Square at Christmas

The Marietta Square (above). All of the paths of the square were lined with luminaries, but there were a lot of people there, as well as a stage and some event tents, so it was hard to get a clear, clean shot. It was effective, though, and very Christmassy =)

Marietta Christmas Lamp Post