New Real Estate Photography!

June 17, 2014 HDR, Real Estate 0 Comments

I’ve been keeping busy with my first commercial real estate shoot, my first house shoot for an MLS listing and another apartment complex. I’ve been shooting 3-5 bracketed shots and processing all of my images as 32-bits TIFFs.

What that means is that I shoot 1 or 2 underexposed shots (2 full stops underexposed and sometimes 3 stops underexposed), 1 shot that is exposed correctly and 1 or 2 overexposed shots (usually 2 full stops overexposed and sometimes 3 full stops as well).  Those 3-5 shots cover the entire exposure range of the image all the way from deep shadows to the bright highlights. All of those shots are blended together into a single (large) file that I then save in the TIFF file format. Then I process that image in Lightroom (followed by Photoshop if necessary). Technically these images are HDR (High Dynamic Range), just not grungy, over-cooked HDR.  This is a great way to photograph tricky interiors or deal with deep mid-day shadows outside.

(Above: I like the different color temperatures in this shot. The reading nook is lit by warm, incandescent light and the eating area is lit by the cooler, blue-ish daylight. I could have made the whole image have the same color cast but I like the way the lighting emphasizes the nook).