New York City!

October 19, 2015 History, Travel 0 Comments

Almost two weeks ago I flew up to New York to photograph a couple of commercial properties.  The next day, instead of taking the early flight home, I took the latest flight that I could and spent the day in the city.  It was my first time in New York (other than connecting through JFK once) and I was lucky enough to get a day of great weather.

I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, visited the World Trade Center Memorial Pools, went up to the observatory on the 102nd floor of One World Trade, got lunch from a street vendor (and didn’t die), got pooped on by a pigeon (I’m a real New Yorker now, right?), walked down Wall Street, visited Battery Park, took a ferry tour around the tip of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty and walked back across the Brooklyn Bridge late in the afternoon.  I made it back to La Guardia with plenty of time to spare.

Below are some shots of what I saw during my day in the city (with a little more information about each one in the caption).  My favorite shots from that day are the black & white ones that I’ve been working on.  I’ll post some of those soon.  The next time I go back I will have to make sure I have a longer zoom lens.  I kept wanting to zoom in on building details and roof tops and I couldn’t get quite as close as I wanted to with the amount of zoom that I currently have.

Brooklyn Bridge in the Morning

The morning started out a bit cloudy but the temperature was so comfortable that I didn’t mind. See that white line up the middle of the walkway? One side of that line is for pedestrians and the other side is for cyclists. It’s highly recommended that pedestrians stick to their side of the line – the cyclists are fast and unforgiving!

Brooklyn Bridge Close-Up

I understand now why so many of the pictures that I’ve seen of the Brooklyn Bridge look a lot like this one. There is a lot of pedestrian and bike traffic on the bridge, as well as a lot of clutter (construction signs, garbage cans, utility poles as you approach the bridge, tourists, etc.) and it’s hard to get a clean shot without all of that stuff in it. If you shoot up above peoples’ heads you can avoid all of that clutter.

Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge and upper Manhattan skyline as seen from the Brooklyn Bridge. You can see the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building in this photo (shot with my Samsung S6 and edited a little in Lightroom 5).

Woolworth Building Detail

I walked past this building on my way to One World Trade and the ornate facade caught my attention. I didn’t know it at the time but this is the Woolworth Building, construction completed in 1913. It was the tallest building in New York until 1930 (if I had known that at the time I would have taken a picture that shows more of the building)! When I got home and zoomed in on some of the details I noticed the variety of different Native American faces that decorate the building. There are apparently also owls and gargoyles (made out of terra-cotta, as are the Native American faces) elsewhere on the building.

East River from One World Trade

I made it up to the 102nd floor of One World Trade by about 10:30am, when it was still a bit cloudy and hazy. Here you can see the Brooklyn (on the right) and Manhattan (on the left) Bridges spanning the East River. Manhattan in the foreground, Brooklyn in the distance.

North from One World Trade I

The clouds eventually lifted to reveal a lovey blue sky! This is a shot looking north up the Hudson River (shot with my S6 and edited in LR5).

North from One World Trade II

This is similar to the shot above but more zoomed in (and not shot with my phone). In the distance is the George Washington Bridge, connecting Manhattan Island to New Jersey.

Northwest & Down from One World Trade

Looking down now, but still pointed mostly north. The tallest building in the lower left is Goldman Sachs Tower. Slightly below the center of the photo, is Stuyvesant High School. There was a field of horses next to my high school (now a Trader Joe’s and a Taco Mac) – so I can’t imagine going to high school in the city! It must have its perks, though. Also visible are the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, the Borough of Manhattan Community College and Washington Market Park (amongst other places). The main road you see running through the photograph is the 9A.

New Jersey & More from One World Trade

Looking southwest now. Here you can see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and New Jersey (shot with the S6 and edited in LR5)!

Looking up at One World Trade I

Standing outside One World Trade looking up.

Looking up at One World Trade II

Another shot looking up at One World Trade (shot with the S6).

Manhattan from the Ferry I

I had just enough time for a quick boat ride and it ended up being a great afternoon to get out on the water and see the Manhattan skyline.

Manhattan from the Ferry III

Shot with the S6…I’m starting to prefer this aspect ratio to what comes out of my camera (Nikon D600).

Statue of Liberty

You know who this is! On my next visit I’ll try to make it out to Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

Brooklyn Bridge in the Afternoon

Walking back towards Brooklyn in the afternoon (Brooklyn skyline beyond the bridge).