Out & About in the Garden

Before I share the photographs from my most recent house shoot I wanted to post some of what I’ve been photographing in the garden. Starting about an hour to an hour and a half before sunset the low angle of the sun filtering through the various types and colors of leaves is hard to resist. I’ve been doing most of this work hand-held because it’s so much easier to move from plant to plant and not have to constantly re-adjust my tripod. I like being able to move quickly as the light changes and lie down on the ground if I need to get a particular angle (kneeling bare-legged in fresh pine straw, however, has not been fun).

There are definite benefits with the tripod, though, and I did use it to get some of the shots below. I’m finding that the ball head on my tripod is not strong enough to hold the weight of my macro lens and it’s a lot of work to get the lens pointed exactly where I want it. After I book a few more real estate shoots I might be looking into acquiring a geared head for my tripod. They’re supposed to be good for real estate photography, too (getting the camera perfectly level and the sensor perfectly parallel to a particular plane can be really challenging). The more I read about geared heads the more it seems like a good idea to get one!

(above: rose leaves at sunset)

Enough blabbing – here are the photos:

Elephant Ear I

The first upright elephant ear leaf of the year getting ready to uncurl.

Elephant Ear II

Elephant Ear III

A different type of elephant ear leaf uncurling.

Fern Uncurling

This (and the next two photos) might be a Southern Wood Fern. That’s just an educated guess.

Fern Pastel

This is actually three bracketed shots blended together.

Fern at Sunset

Rose Leaves I

More of the roses at sunset.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea Flowers

The flowers from an Oak Leaf Hydragea.

Japanese Maple Leaves

Japanese Maple Leaves

Calla Lilies

My first two Calla Lily flowers of the year!  This is the fifth growing season that I’ve had these calla lilies and only the second time they have flowered. The flower on the left is what what they look like when they first start to grow. The pink one is the more mature version.

Yellow Iris

Maroonish Orangish Iris

(There are pale, gray stripes showing up in the background of this photo…I’m not sure why, though.  They shouldn’t be there.)

Bug on Leaf

Bug on an elephant ear leaf.

Jack in the Pulpit

Jack-in-the-Pulpit! I was so excited to see my Jack-in-the-Pulpit grow this year. I have only had leaves in the past. This one was slightly damaged by a hail storm in April.

Hosta Stalks

Hosta flower stalks are starting to grow.

Cucumber Plant

My cucumber plant! It has a trellis now. I have no idea what to expect since I haven’t grown cucumbers before, but you can be guaranteed you will see pictures here if this plant produces fruit!

Baby Green Bell Pepper

My first green bell pepper of the year.

Pepper Flower

Delicate, little white flower on a pepper plant.