Out and About 2016 – Flora

December 31, 2016 Botanical, Gardening, Nature 0 Comments

Here is the second part to go along with my previous post! These are some of the plants that I photographed last year that I never got around to posting. I have posted the photos in chronological order from March through October.

Less than three hours until 2017 – Happy New Year!

Muscari in early March (I love these little flowers! But watch out, they spread like crazy).

A daffodil from behind in mid-March.

Carnival de Rio tulips! These tulips are supposed to look like the tulips that were incredibly popular from the 1600s through to the 1800s, particularly during tulip mania in the 1630s. Those tulips suffered from the tulip breaking virus with caused their colors to streak. These tulips, the Carnival de Rio tulips, are bred to look like this – no virus is involved. Check out The Botany of Desire to lean more about tulips (and potatoes, apples and marijuana). Photographed in early April.

Columbines. Photographed in late April.

Another Columbine! Photographed in late April.

Spring colors! The red flowers are Yarrow, the purple flowers in the foreground are Veronica, the pink and yellow flowers that are out-of-focus in the background are Snapdragons and the lighter purple/lavender that are out-of-focus in the background are Scabiosa. Photographed in late April.

Zinnias all in a row. They were planted in the veggie garden in early May to help attract pollinators. Photographed in early May.

A Sundrop at sunset. Also photographed in May.

I think this is a Southern Wood Fern (Dryopteris ludoviciana). I could photograph ferns all day. What fantastic plants. Also photographed in early May.

This was the first time in three years that the hydrangeas flowered. They looked great and flowered all summer. Photographed in late May.

Hydrangea. Photographed in late May.

My Rose of Sharon doesn’t always flower, but it did this year and it produced really big flowers. Photographed with a Samsung S6 and edited slightly for exposure. Photographed in early June.

Flowers on my Grand Tiara hosta (or possibly my Golden Tiara hosta…pretty sure it’s the Grand Tiara). Photographed in late June.

I grew Teddy Bear Sunflowers for the first time this year. The chipmunks battled for control over this plant, though, and I only had moderate success. The flower heads also didn’t grow as large as I expected them to. I might try again this year, but with seeds ordered online instead of from the store. Photographed in early July.

It was another good year for growing cucumbers! These are Marketmore Cucumbers. Last year (2015) I grew Straight Eights. This coming year I’m hoping to grow some variety of English Cucumbers. Also photographed in early July.

A Scabiosa flower head after the purple petals fell off. Dried Scabiosa pods are popular in flower arrangements! Photographed in mid-July.

The fantastic flowers of my Guacamole hosta. These flowers smell so good and they get bigger than any other hosta flower that I have. They smell a bit like honeysuckle. Photographed in late July.

Raindrops on the stalks of the Pink Muhly Grass. I wanted to spend a lot more time trying to get a variety of shots like this one, but it was just before sunset after it had rained in late July and it was steamy hot and humid outside. I didn’t last long before I retreated inside!

The Liriope in early September.

I spotted this little yellow flower at the side of the road where I run regularly. I knew I hadn’t seen it before so I went back a few days later with my camera. After a little poking around online (and in a book) when I got home I found out that it is called Showy Rattlebox. It isn’t native to North America and can be toxic to livestock, especially if they eat the seeds. I’m not sure how it ended up where I saw it. Photographed in early October.

Seedpods of the Showy Rattlebox. Photographed in early October.