Potpourri of New Real Estate Photos

May 8, 2015 HDR, Real Estate 0 Comments

This is an selection of some of my favorite shots from a couple of houses (in the same neighborhood) that I photographed recently.  And last week I photographed my first $1,000,000+ (!!) listing and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favorite images from that shoot.  It is a beautiful home and was a lot of fun to photograph.  I want to wait until the listing is live, though, and I have several graduations to photograph over the next week, so the photos from that house probably won’t be up until mid-May.

Clean & Simple Kitchen

Upper Hallway

Master Bathroom

The bathtub and accent tiles in this bathroom were actually forest green, but I though black would look better, so they match the counter top (I don’t make edits like that to the images that I send to clients, unless requested…I just did that for the image posted here).


I also don’t send real estate agents black and white photos, obviously, but this one was mostly beige and brown and I thought it would make a good black & white image.

Very Yellow Bathroom

This shot didn’t make it into the group of listing photos for the property, but it was my favorite room in the entire house to photograph. I document so many neutral-colored rooms – it was nice to come across some color.

Sunny Living Room

Looking Down the Stairs