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I love editing.  I love spending time with my photos after I take them just as much as I enjoy taking them in the first place.  Whether the editing is of a creative nature or simply cleaning up an image for a client or my portfolio, I actually really enjoy the time spent at the computer (even when it's incredibly tedious).  The image in my head of what the finished result will look like motivates me.

I also enjoy the opportunity to edit and repair other people's photos.  Getting to breath new life into an old, neglected or damaged photo is very rewarding.  

More to come...1/31/20

Father & Baby Restoration BeforeFather & Baby Restoration After

Playing with Toy Tank

Basic Color Correction

Black & White Wedding Kiss AfterBlack & White Wedding Kiss Before

Damage, stain and fading repair

Before I put an image in my portfolio I like to remove any clutter that can reasonably be removed...


I don't always get the chance to tidy up the spaces that I photograph.  If I end up wanting to use an image in my portfolio I have to do what I can to remove distractions.  Sometimes that means removing an object and its shadow and sometimes it means changing the color of an object so it's less noticeable.


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