I photograph single-family homes, rental properties, apartment complexes, academic buildings, hospitals and all sorts of commercial buildings – interiors and exteriors.  I seriously considered studying architecture as an undergrad and then again when I was considering grad school.  I eventually figured out that what I love to do is photograph buildings and spaces.  I really enjoy the work that I do and take a lot of pride in it – I want you to be happy with every photograph that I submit.

  • Every photo that I take receives individual editing attention before final submission.  All images will be straight and level. Whenever possible all images will have parallel, non-converging verticals.  Some exteriors and tall buildings will naturally appear to have converging verticals – whenever the size of the building allows I will correct this distortion in Lightroom or Photoshop.
  • I use white balance tools for each interior shot to make sure interiors don’t have unpleasant color casts.
  • I am very particular about composition - I never just plop my tripod and camera down and take a shot without thinking and analyzing the scene.


  • Real estate pricing packages (for residential photography) range from $325-$600+ depending on the number of photos needed and the size of the property. Please contact me for more details!
  • Please contact me for a customized quote in regards to any non-residential property photography.


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