Light Grey Master Bathroom, Soaking Tub, Glass Shower Stall

Classy Bathrooms & Editing Out Reflections

I photographed these lovely, clean, classy bathrooms a few months ago. I love photographing uncluttered spaces – I feel like some of the work has already been done simply because the spaces are so tidy, light and breathable. It can be a lot of fun to photograph colorful rooms, but white and grey are by far the easiest colors to photograph and edit. I did some compositing to remove unwanted reflections. Check out the sliders below to see the images that I blended together.

Light Grey Basement Bathroom

This photo is actually a composite of two separate images. I didn’t want the reflection of the wall sconces to show up in the shower stall glass, so I photographed the room twice, once with all of the lights on and once with just the light on above the shower. I processed both images separately and then layered them together in Photoshop and masked the shower stall from the image with just the shower stall light on into the image where all of the lights had been on.

Bathroom Composite All LightsBathroom Composite Shower Light Only

In image 1 you can see the reflections in the glass/tiles that I wanted to remove. In image 2 you can see the what the bathroom looked like with just the shower stall light on. These are the two images that I blended together. I had to make some additional edits around the edges of the shower stall and to the overall color and exposure, but mostly it wasn’t a difficult edit. I love making edits like this because it gives me something to actually figure out, there’s a little bit of a puzzle. It’s a nice change from basic editing.


Powder Room photo, vertical, charcoal grey and white, clean classic

The downstairs powder room.

Three Side-by-Side-by-Side Photos showing a jack-and-jill bathroom

Three separate spaces that make up the jack-and-jill bathroom.

Light Grey Master Bathroom, Soaking Tub, Glass Shower Stall

More glass around the shower = more unwanted reflections!  I used the same masking technique for this image as I did for the first photo. See below for the two images that I combined.

Master Bathroom with Sconce ReflectionMaster Bathroom without Sconce Reflection

In image 1 you can see the reflection of the wall sconce in the shower glass. In image 2 I turned the wall sconce off. I could have just used that image as the final image, but if you go back to image 1 you can see that the light from the wall sconce fills in the corner above the shower and I wanted to keep that light. It also adds a little light to the rest of the bathroom. This wasn’t a major edit, but I was happy to remove the reflection.

Light Grey Master Bathroom, Soaking Tub, Glass Shower Stall

A different angle, same edit.

Light Grey Master Bathroom, Reverse View

Looking back out of the master bathroom, towards the hallway.

Photo of Hallway to Studio

The hallway outside of the master bathroom, leading to the studio space.

Replacing Gloomy, Tropical Skies

January 16, 2019 HDR, Photography, Real Estate, Sky 0 Comments

It’s a new year and and a new opportunity to maybe stay more on top of making regular posts??  Hahah – we’ll see about that!  Happy New Year!

My first post of 2019 is actually a group of photos that I took last May.  I photographed a property in McDonough, GA on a day when the weather ended up being cloudy during the day and gloomy and drizzly at sunset.  Although the client didn’t make the request, I decided to do sky replacements for all of the outdoor shots; it seemed like the only option!  I had to cover my camera in a large plastic bag (with custom-cut holes) and stand out in the drizzle for almost 30 minutes to get the twilight shots (I know, poor little me).  The ten photos below are some of the final photos that I submitted.  The client was very happy (and therefore, so was I).  Just click and drag the slider on each image to see the before and after for each image…


I don’t have an extensive library of blue sky/puffy cloud photos, so I only used three or four different skies for the first seven photos. I’m surrounded by trees where I live and it’s not easy to get photos with lots of sky and minimal clutter. Some of these skies are from vacation photos and one was taken from a big-box store parking lot.







Not only did I have to replace the sky, I had to Photoshop three of the lamp posts back on and add reflections on the water. The lights and reflections were an important part of the ambiance that had to be corrected.


The replacement sky that I used is from a photo that I took with my (now old) Samsung S6.


Elegant & Updated Home in Roswell, GA

November 2, 2017 HDR, Real Estate 0 Comments

I photographed this Roswell, GA home that overlooks the Chattahoochee River back in March. You can easily see the river from the window over the kitchen sink, the sun room and the deck (as well as other rooms not pictured here). The house was completely updated and most of the finishes were neutral, with a few exceptions, which are usually a bit easier to photograph and edit than very colorful rooms.

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