Cabin Bedroom I

Rental Cabin in Blue Ridge, GA

I’m always eager to photograph something new or different, so when the owner of a vacation rental cabin contacted me a couple of months ago I was grateful for the brief change of pace and scenery. I drove up to Blue Ridge, GA in early June and followed the winding roads until I arrived at the cabin on Fighting Town Creek. The cabin owner showed me around, pointed out the amenities and then I got to work.

The city of Blue Ridge is about a 10.5 mile drive from the Georgia/Tennessee state line along Highway 5. It’s a popular destination year-round, but especially in the fall, for shopping, dining and nearby vineyards, breweries and orchards. You can even go for a ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway!

Okay, on to the cabin photos…

Kitchen and dining area.

Dining area with living room and fireplace beyond.

Living room, fireplace and access to downstairs bathroom and den/sitting room/TV room.

Living room with access to upstairs.

The view down to the living room and front door.

Loft area.

Loft and upstairs bathroom.

Main bathroom upstairs.

Upstairs bedroom.

Downstairs bedroom.

Den/sitting room/TV room.

Rear exterior and fire pit.

Sitting area and fire pit along Fighting Town Creek.

Deck overlooking Fighting Town Creek

Front porch and yard.

Front exterior.

The cabin owner asked for a distant shot that showed the cabin in its surroundings.

Photographing an Animal Hospital!

Back in September I jumped at the opportunity to photograph a new animal hospital that was opening near Dawsonville, GA.  I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again – variety is really important to me.  I’m always eager to photograph different kinds of properties.  When I first started doing real estate and architectural photography I mostly photographed apartment complexes and MLS listings.  It didn’t take long for me to start feeling a little restless and bored.  Since then I have photographed quite a variety of different buildings and spaces and I am always open to the opportunity to add to that list!

Reception desk/lobby.

Exam room.


Procedure area.


Kennels and doggie bath tub.

Close-up of the kennels (with a couple of friends inside waiting to go home).


Close-up of the exterior with custom sign and new landscaping.

Exterior and sign.